(little curls}

We went to the park the other week and I actually brought my camera with me...can you believe it?!?!  Haha...it really collects way too much dust these days.  Here is my sweet girl...she is getting so big!

IMG_2552_brighter   IMG_2552_b&w  IMG_2531  IMG_2668   IMG_2675
  IMG_2707  IMG_2666  IMG_2613
  IMG_2725  IMG_2731


flannery o'kafka said...

These are great!!!

Carly said...

Hi Leah, I just found your gorgeous work on CM and had to check out your beautiful blog! I absolutely love your style, especially your processing. I'm new to photography and I love your dark rich matte images, are there any tips you can give me? I especially adore your b/w's, do you use any presets or actions to achieve that beautiful rich look? Any advice you can offer would be amazing! Thank you, Carly

Care said...

I love the processing. She is just gorgeous Leah!