I'm starting to get anxious and excited to meet our little man.  So I have found myself daydreaming about what he is going to look like...it's fun to think about.  So last night,  I pulled up Kaydence's 20 week ultrasound pictures and compared them to her baby brother's.  I was amazed by the resemblance!  Of course, who knows what he will really look like, but in these photos he looks like a boy version of Kaydence.  You're probably thinking "well, what did you expect???"  lol  But I thought it was fun to compare, so in case you're interested, here are some side-by-sides.

Comparison #1
comparison #2
comparison #3

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Heather said...

That is a startling resemblance -- and some very cute babies! For what it's worth, from the ultrasounds I was convinced that #4 was going to look a lot like her brother -- and I was right. :) I lvoe that we get a glimpse of our babies before we get to see them in person.