{they played, they laughed, they loved}

The other day I met up with my photographer friend, Alauna of Alauna Peterson Photography,  for a little photoshoot with our kidlets.  We have always been fascinated by the uncanny resemblance of our little curly haired blondies through photos and have been meaning to get together with each other for awhile now.  This was our first time meeting in person and we had such a fun time watching these two little "twins" interact with one another.

It was beautiful weather and the perfect time of day.  We met at a State Park, which was apparently closed for some reason.  But we found a trail with some beautiful light that worked out just fine.  Alauna posted some of her photos on a photography forum we are both on and she got some really adorable captures too!  She also took the most adorable video of them laughing, which I'll post below.

I seriously can't handle the cuteness of these two together, so without further ado, the twins! ;-)




I had to get one of them together without Kaydence's glasses on for a true comparison. :-)












Ashley Sisk said...

This is the most adorable session ever! Kinda looks like a mini- engagement session. Arranged marriage anyone?

Leah said...

Aww...thanks, Ashley! Yes, seriously, how cute would that be to have these photos duplicated in about 25 years. lol ;-)

Andrea said...

Oh my! They are so cute! And I really love your processing.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I was immediately like, "that looks like Finn!" I follow Alauna's personal blog and never even had a clue about her photo blog - DUH! These are seriously just about the cutest photos {and kids!} I've ever seen!

Becky said...

wow - awesome photos. these kids are adorable!

Ariana Falerni said...

These are adorable beyond words!

Leah said...

Sarah -- how funny about you recognizing Finn. ;-)

Thanks so much everyone! <3<3<3

Amy said...

The cuteness is overwhelming! Love everything about these.