{another waterlily}

Summer is here...finally!  We actually had a pretty nice week this last week, so Kaydence and I were able to get to the pool with our friends.  I was really excited to take Kaydence this year because, while she really enjoyed it last year, I thought she might love it this year...and I was right!  I can't tell you how excited I am this summer to see her experiencing all the fun for the the first time (again).  She is so full of life and so concerned for the well-being of others.  Sometimes I think she is a better mommy than I am. ;-)

Here are a few Kaydence-isms, since I need a place to document them.

When we were at the pool the other day, her little friend, Alexander, was just getting over a cold.  We were all in the pool, when all of a sudden Kaydence jumps up and starts running towards our strollers/towels, etc.  To which I promptly said, "no running...you need to walk, walk, walk." lol  I sit there for a minute trying to figure out what in the world prompted her to dash for the "shore."  When I notice she is rummaging through my friend's purse...no manners I tell you.  Once she found what she was looking for, she came running back to the pool with a Boogie Wipe in hand as if she was headed towards a finish line with her eyes fixed on the goal (yeah, she paid no heed to my instructions on no running...go figure).  So she runs up to Alexander and proceeds to crouch down and wipe his nose.  My heart immediately melted!  I wish you could have seen this all play out...it really was the cutest thing.  

Today, I made a comment to her that I was "really shaky for some reason."  To which she said, "I'm shaky too, mama."  I said, "why are you shaky."  And she said, "cuz I need a coffee too." lol  How in the world would she associate that with coffee...I have no idea because we weren't talking about coffee at all.  I was floored!

I'm really shocked at some of the things she remembers sometimes.  Today, I put the dress she wore for her birthday on her and she immediately said "happy birthday to you" and started telling me who was all at her birthday party.  That was 3 months ago...I was amazed!

Our neighbors have a little girl Kaydence's age and they just had another baby girl, so lately Kaydence is always talking about how she wants a brother or sister too.  One day we were talking and Teirney asked Kaydence "so do you want a brother...or a sister?"  She said, "yes."  So Teirney asked again, "well, which one?"  She replied, "black." lol  So I guess she wants us to adopt. :-)

There are so many more things that I'm just not thinking of right now. :-(

Teirney and I are headed to Cabo San Lucas for a wedding for some friends of ours.  Kaydence will be having a ball here with her grandparents.  So as we get ready to leave in a few days, it's only fitting for me to leave my readers with this. :-)  You might recall my posts from last year at the pool (here, here, and here)?  Well, how could I resist another vintage inspired bathing suit for my little beauty?  She wears them so well!  Stay tuned, I have another one to reveal later this summer.



Shannon said...

So precious! She loves her friend doesn't she :-) How sweet! And what a model baby! These are all fantastic but I think my fav is the one of Kaydence sitting in the pool, hands in loose fists, and back straight as can be lol. She has much better posture than me! Glad to hear she would welcome a little brother or sister!

Leah said...

thank you so much, shannon! :-) she has quite the little personality to go along with that posture too. lol

Tracy said...

I LOVE your processing!! Do you use paint the moon actions? Beautiful shots that really capture the moment! Love your work!

Mitzi G. said...

Oh my goodness; these photos are priceless & she is just adorable!!!

Leesha said...

That is the cutest swimsuit I have ever seen! And your pictures are sooo lovely! My fave it the one looking down on her in the water... adorable!

Allyson said...


Do you use an action for your vintage pics? If so, which ones? Cause I love the way they look!


Amy F.W. said...

Love these!!!

Leah said...

thank you so much everyone! :-) we just got back from Mexico last weekend and then i started potty training this week, so i apologize for the late response. :-(

Allyson, my brain is a little fuzzy, but i'm pretty sure i used the Eye Candy Vintage Road actions (tweaked) on these.

thank you so much for the kind words everyone...it means a lot. :-)