Part I: {Levi}

Remember last month when I told you I got to shoot a birth and a newborn sessions for some very dear friends of ours?!?!  Well, I'm finally getting around to editing these.  Its been a busy month and on top of it, I've been having some color issues with my computer (again), which has set me back a bit.  I'm editing the newborn session now and then I'll go back and edit the birth.  I just figured the new mommy and daddy would appreciate the newborn photos first.

I'm posting these in two parts because I have a lot of photos and I'm not completely finished editing all of them yet, but I really wanted to get some of these posted.  I hope to post Part II later this week.

All I have to say is that this little guy is the sweetest thing ever (as are his parents) and he and his parents have a very special place in my heart.  I feel so honored and blessed that my sweet friends asked me to take some photos for them!

I will share one photo from the day little Levi graced our world with his presence. What a beautiful little family!


And without further ado, here is your little man, Zach and Shannon!  Love you guys!












Faren said...

Gorgeous baby boy and pictures!

Jen said...

Leah these are wonderful! You sure are rocking the newborn photos!!

Shannon said...

Oh how sweet!! He looks flawless!

Well...he IS flawless :-) but you've really showcased his perfection. Love you Leah and thank you so so much!!

Meagan said...

Awww...what a sweet baby! You are so good at the newborn squishy poses!

Leah said...

thanks so much everyone! and shannon, i'm so glad you like them and yes, you do have a perfect little boy! :-)

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh!!! What a cutie!! These are so precious! What a great little baby! :D

.carrie. said...

adorable boy! the photos are beautiful.

Chris said...

Oh my goodness, he's just precious! Gorgeous pictures, Leah!

Erica said...

He is so adorable. Fantastic pictures!

sunghee said...

Wow~~~ You are an amazong photographer! Adorable photos! Makes me wanna have another baby. =)

alauna said...

what and adorable little baby!! such precious lips :) great images, leah!

Mrs.F said...

Beautiful baby & gorgeous photos. Random... but I was looking through your posts for pictures of KK's birthday. Did you ever post any??!!

Leah said...

thank you so much everyone! little levi was perfect in every way! :-)

heidi...i'm a terrible mom/blogger...i haven't even blogged her birthday yet. i've been so busy trying to edit photos from some sessions i did for other people that i haven't taken the time. but you've motivated me to post a sneak peak. xoxo