Christmas Eve Day

I'm slowly but surely working through my photos and thought I would share a few from Christmas Eve Day. I haven't gotten to Christmas Eve/Christmas Day yet, but I'm getting there. :-) 

My sister and her husband were also home at my parents' house for Christmas and it was great to spend some time with them. They brought their Wii with them, which was some fun entertainment that even Kaydence enjoyed. Christmas Eve morning she played a tennis match with her daddy (fulfilling a dream of his that one of his children would play tennis). :-) And then we had a lovely brunch made by my sister and her husband, complete with mimosas, a divine asparagus frittata, and homemade white chocolate raspberry scones. Mmmmm...makes me hungry just thinking about it again. We had such a relaxing, wonderful morning together as a family and I just wish we could get together more often. Here are some photos of our morning.

IMG_6453_wm_blog IMG_6484_wm_blog
IMG_6480_wm_blog IMG_6467_wm_blog


josie mae said...

Yay! Thank you for posting these Leah! :) The pictures of Kaydence look adorable and the pictures of the food make me hungry for that again too - haha! Great job! Love it.

Kim said...

Like always beautiful pictues! Now I'm hungry :)