11 months

Kaydence turned 11 months today (2/7)!  I can hardly believe it!  I know I say that every month, but it really is true.

It seems like she is doing something new every day now.  Yesterday she started climbing the stairs for the first time and today she started trying to climb onto her wheely bug all by herself.  She is also talking a ton!

Here are the following words she can say (and when I say "words," I mean  they are probably more like sounds because she is starting to repeat words after us):

All Done

Hmmm...I think there are more.  I may have to add to that list later when I think of them, just so I have this as a documentation. ;-)  We also think she tried to say Grandmom and Grandad this weekend, but who knows for sure.  She also makes the "this" (sounds like "dis") sound when she points to something, but we're not really sure where she would have picked that up. 

She has been eating so much better (knock on wood).  I think I can officially say she is done with purees.  She will still eat pureed fruit from time to time, but we've gone a week now with just giving her table food and she has really enjoyed it -- she refuses the purees for the most part.  My only concern is that I'm not sure she is getting enough veggies because she usually avoids eating them when we put them on her tray.  But I guess she did eat some carrots tonight.

Kaydence is walking really well now...she rarely crawls.  I think my life just got busier now that she is climbing things.  Yikes...that scares me a little. 

Well, it's late, so I will try and post another update later this week.

Until then, here is my 11 month old.  ::sniff, sniff::  Not the greatest photos.  I have the hardest time taking her picky sticky photo now since she does.not sit still.  These were the only ones (out of *many*) that were just okay.  Even Grandmom and Grandad couldn't keep her attention long enough for me to get a shot in focus.  ::sigh:: Oh well, what am I going to do?  Gotta love her. ;-)


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linda said...

Gotta love a happy baby!