Teirney took this picture of Kaydence and I the other night that I posted to my Project 365 blog.  I decided I would post it on my 365 blog, even though I didn't take it, because (sadly) there are very few pictures of KK and I together, plus it was a perfect depiction of the mood she was in last night.

Kaydence is definitely on the mend, she has been much happier and eating more too, which is a relief.  I'm beginning to think my mellow and content baby has returned (knock on wood). ;-)  Here are a few pictures I took today (or yesterday since it's so late or early).


Winks and Daisies said...

Leah...she is absolutely adorable!
Funny, on how us Moms lack the visibility in photos with the kids. :) What camera do you use?
Great photos!

BTW...I'm so glad you loved the holiday cards and thank you for the "award".

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Collins said...

Totally cute! I love all of her cute outfits.

Natalie said...

Yay for pics with mama! Penny doesn't have hardly any with me either. And definitely none that good!

Jodi said...

So glad she's feeling better - Syd was sick last week and went on a little hunger strike - these girls are pretty in sync for never having met. :)

Robyn{Lee} said...

OH my goodness!!! That bw picture is gorgeous!!! What a wonderful moment captured!: )